Concrite produces and supplies a wide range of concrete products to suit every type of concreting job. Whether you are doing a little project in the backyard or building a multi storey apartment complex, Concrite can produce a suitable concrete for your project.

Our range of products includes (but is not limited to):

  • Standard / Normal Class Concrete
  • Special Class Concrete, including high strength
  • Water Board Mixes
  • RMS Mixes
  • SRA Mixes
  • High Early
  • Topping
  • BST
  • Kerb Mixes
  • Pool Mixes
  • Block Fill
  • No-Fines and many more
  • Off White
  • Shrinkage Limited
  • Sulphate Resistant

Your concrete can then be delivered to you via our fleet of concrete trucks and we have various trucks to suit various sizes of loads and site accesses. Click here for more details.

Call us on (02) 9542 4242 and speak to one of our sales consultants now to discuss your project and concreting needs.